The Forgotten Drug Users

When we think of drug users we think of addicts whose lives revolve around getting their fix… but these people represent a very small minority of drug users.

Why do so many people take illegal drugs even at the risk of prosecution? Even when they are forced to risk their health because the industry is run by gangsters?

The reason is not because they are addicted. According to the United Nations only 12% of recreational drug users are ‘problem users’.*

The reason the other 88% use drugs recreationally is because it has a positive effect on their lives. We never hear about positive drug stories; 

  • People who had an insight into a problem in their life
  • A substance shared between two people that helped them to become closer
  • Someone who had fun dancing and socialising whilst using drugs
  • People who had a spiritual experience whilst under the influence

Drugs have been used as a tool for centuries. For thousands of years tribes have used natural psychadelic drugs such as mushrooms, iowaska, mescaline and marijuana in a whole range of ceremonies.

Here is a great skit from Bill Hicks, one of the few people in the limelight who spoke out against prohibition.

* Source: (p. iii)

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