The Steps Forward

How on earth could we as a society go from prohibition to legalisation? The steps we think would be involved are below.

1. Decriminalise Possession: Stop persecuting individuals for having personal quantities of drugs. This will immediately wipe out all hospitalisation/deaths from individuals taking large amounts of drugs when they see the police are present.

This step will also free up police and judicial resources to deal with serious and violent crimes like rape, murder and robbery.

An individual should not have their record tainted and face legal action simply for choosing to take drugs.

2. Educate the public: As we do with cigarettes, educate people why drugs are dangerous. Show people that drugs are not socially acceptable.

In the Netherlands marijuana is decriminalised and its use amongst residents is lower than in USA, Australia, etc.

3. License the selling of drugs which is now illegal: Like with pharmecuticals, drugs will be available from licensed practitioners this will ensure higher purity levels and will allow for dosages to be regulated.

This step will also immediately take drugs out of the hands of gangsters and drug dealers. These members of our community will overnight be unable to control the purity, price and distribution of drugs, making our streets safer.

Law abiding, contributing members of our society will no longer have to associate with drug dealers just because they feel like smoking a joint.

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