What’s The Real Cost Of The War On Drugs?

We only need to look at the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s to see the true effects of the war on drugs.

During alcohol prohibition:

  • Alcohol related deaths soared (dangerous moonshine became the norm)
  • Alcohol related violence increased dramatically (ie: Due to bootlegging and smuggling – source)
  • Even though prices increased by more than 3x, Alcohol consumption did not reduce

Some evidence even suggests Prohibition made consumption more desirable by endowing drinking with an illicit romance and sense of adventure (source)

These are the effects of the War On Drugs. The War On Drugs causes:

  • More death from dangerous drugs being made in illegal drug labs by unqualified people
  • The black market for drugs causes crime and violence around the world, particularly in places where drugs are produced and mafia exists
  • The War On Drugs has no effect on reducing drug consumption (source)


When we think about drug related violence we think about addicts robbing houses and individuals – but how much of the violence related to drugs is actually related to the desperation of addicts and how much is related to the fact that the drug war has created a lucrative black market for criminals?

…the consistency of the results are used to argue that drug offending, particularly drug selling, is one of many direct causes of violence within individuals (source)

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