The Changing Public Sentiment On Marijuana

Up until very recently, we were told that Marijuana will lead to other drugs, ruin your life and cause you to go insane. Yet now state after state, country after country – are legalising or decriminalising its use.

Western governments and interest groups spent 50 years searching for evidence of Marijuana’s health implications. So what exactly are the real risks with consuming this plant?

First of all, Marijuana grows naturally throughout the world. It has been used for thousands of years not just to get high but also for the male plant known as Hemp, which up until the 20th century was used for making paper, rope, moisture and many other staple items.

The reason why we shifted to destroying forests in order to make paper instead of continuing with the much more sustainable hemp is beyond my understanding.

‘To make Marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake’

– Bill Hicks.

One of the main problems with prohibition is that drugs become more dangerous. In recent times we have seen the introduction of hydroponic marijuana.  A much stronger strain than the marijuana that grows naturally.

Whilst the natural stuff has never been conclusively linked to any health implications, there is some evidence to show that ‘hydro’ marijuana can induce schizophrenia in those that are susceptible to the illness.

Yet with legalisation the drug can be regulated to minimise risk, consumers can be educated and the research shows that overall use decreases long term.

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